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A Personal Story: How an outdoor education to our kids benefits our life.

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This post is contributed by Amanda Marie Clark. My husband and I met while working at an outdoor education center called Nature’s Classroom. This organization invites students and teachers to come live in a cabin in the woods for a week and learn about conservation, local wildlife, biology, and more. It is a tremendous organization that encourages our children to be environmentally aware as well as take a positive action for our future. Over the course of my four-year career at Nature’s Classroom, I estimate that I taught thousands of students; and eleven years later, this number is still mind-boggling....

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Ways to teach children about endangered animals

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Stories about threatened and endangered animals are quite common these days. We read in the news that species go extinct every year and learn from documentaries how species extinction is largely the result of human activities. As adults, we are familiar with the importance of biodiversity, how urbanization, poaching, and climate change have led to species decline, and the collective responsibility we have to help endangered animals, but how do we teach these important lessons to our kids? Children are naturally curious about their environment and are especially interested in animals. Has your child ever asked you why there are...

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Last update: June, 2020 Animals are a very clever and divine creature. Their existence and importance in a child’s development are of inestimable value. Every animal has a unique life value it impacts kids and it is the duty of parents to highlight and impact these values into their kids. Studies have shown that animals exhibit a higher level of emotion compared to humans, this is why kids get to learn from them. The following are a few animals and the attributes kids get to learn from their way of life. BRAVERY Lion: The lion is an epitome of bravery....

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