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Breaking News: Historic moment for Southern White Rhino species

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On Sunday, a conservation organization in San Diego zoo announced the first artificial insemination birth of an endangered southern white rhino calf. It was a break through step in saving rhino species from extinction. Read the news via NBC news. (Read more)Scientist around the world have been trying to save Rhino species using surrogates system. The reproduction system of rhinos is very complex. Rhino species population is on the verge of extinction. Human illegal activities like poaching have been the main cause of their declining population. Habitats changes have also effect their decline. 

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How can we help support endangered Whales?

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There are different foundations and organizations around the world that are making an effort in preventing the decrease in the population of whales. Non-profits organizations like Save The Whales, Green Peace, Whale and Dolphin conversation, and WWF , that are taking action to protect the remaining Whales population.  Besides large non-profits organizations, there are companies like 4ocean, Ocean Store, and Endanzoo, that support a good cause by Whales organization in saving endangered Whales.  Moreover, there are existing and upcoming laws that are heavily implemented in order to stop the illegal hunting of these creatures. While these solutions are already helping. Your individual effort is also important to gradually...

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Plastic waste is killing Endangered Whales

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Whales don’t have natural predators. However, Whales population is on rapid decline. I know the majority of you are upset by this truth, even more, that we are the main reason why they are caught in such an unfortunate situation.   There are numerous factors why several species of whale are being endangered today. This includes pollution, commercial whaling, overfishing, construction of bridges and dam, among others. Analyzing these factors will make us realize that we, humans, are the main reason why the future of these creatures is slowly being gone.  Rise of Plastic threat to Whale's habitat From hunting them to ruining their...

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Top 10 Species That May Become Extinct Within A Decade

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With the extinction crisis at an all-time high, it is estimated that dozens of species disappear every day. That means by the time you finish reading this article two or maybe more species are no longer with us according to the Center for Biological Diversity.  Deforestation and habitat loss is still the most significant threat to our critically endangered friends followed closely by poachers supplying the illegal wildlife trade with furs and body parts for the black market being sold on for traditional medicines. Of all the critically endangered species, here are the top ten most likely to become extinct...

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It's time to ban critically endangered Rhino poaching seriously

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Dear Friends,  Endanzoo would like to take the World Rhino Day as an opportunity to spread the words about the serious threats of extinction that Rhinoceros and other species on this planet are facing. For millions of years, the ancestors of Rhinoceros have survived the ice ages and the predators. Yet today the Rhinos could not survive the humans, whom fed by their greed, hunted them for their highly demanded horns. The horns are sold illegally in the black markets in some parts of Asia and are used for making medicines that are not scientifically proven to cure diseases. The...

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