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This holiday season Endanzoo is proud to collaborate with and the Mother Teresa Foundation to bring smiles to children in the orphanage. Whether you are directly or indirectly related to this cause, we all know how important it is to feel loved during the holiday season, and furthermore, to feel that your existence is valued by others...

... And you can contribute to bringing happiness to the orphans this season by purchasing from the Smiles For Orphans campaign which feature printed artwork drawn by the aspiring young artists from the Mother Teresa Anbu Illam Orphanage (a part of the Mother Teresa Foundation).



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Meet Harish (Aged 16 and grade 11)

Say 'Hello' to Harish who drew this art 'Baby Thy Name is Cute'. Harish (aged 16 and grade 11) is from an orphanage in India. He has been under the care of Mother Teresa Foundation since his early childhood. His dream is to become an Engineer and help in slum development.

Check out his artwork on organic clothing.

Baby Thy Name is Cute


Meet the young artists from the orphanage

Young Artists

All the artwork printed on the clothing are drawn by the children from the Mother Teresa Anbu Illam Orphanage. Provide support and bring smiles to the young artists by making a purchase this holiday season.



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