Breaking News: Historic moment for Southern White Rhino species

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On Sunday, a conservation organization in San Diego zoo announced the first artificial insemination birth of an endangered southern white rhino calf. It was a break through step in saving rhino species from extinction. Read the news via NBC news. (Read more)Scientist around the world have been trying to save Rhino species using surrogates system. The reproduction system of rhinos is very complex. Rhino species population is on the verge of extinction. Human illegal activities like poaching have been the main cause of their declining population. Habitats changes have also effect their decline. 

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How can we help support endangered Whales?

Blue Whale endangered endangeredspecies Whales

There are different foundations and organizations around the world that are making an effort in preventing the decrease in the population of whales. Non-profits organizations like Save The Whales, Green Peace, Whale and Dolphin conversation, and WWF , that are taking action to protect the remaining Whales population.  Besides large non-profits organizations, there are companies like 4ocean, Ocean Store, and Endanzoo, that support a good cause by Whales organization in saving endangered Whales.  Moreover, there are existing and upcoming laws that are heavily implemented in order to stop the illegal hunting of these creatures. While these solutions are already helping. Your individual effort is also important to gradually...

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Plastic waste is killing Endangered Whales

Blue Whale endangeredspecies Whale wildlife conservation

Whales don’t have natural predators. However, Whales population is on rapid decline. I know the majority of you are upset by this truth, even more, that we are the main reason why they are caught in such an unfortunate situation.   There are numerous factors why several species of whale are being endangered today. This includes pollution, commercial whaling, overfishing, construction of bridges and dam, among others. Analyzing these factors will make us realize that we, humans, are the main reason why the future of these creatures is slowly being gone.  Rise of Plastic threat to Whale's habitat From hunting them to ruining their...

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Give Back Time - Help Bring Smiles To Orphans

This holiday season Endanzoo is proud to collaborate with and the Mother Teresa Foundation to bring smiles to children in the orphanage. Whether you are directly or indirectly related to this cause, we all know how important it is to feel loved during the holiday season, and furthermore, to feel that your existence is valued by others... ... And you can contribute to bringing happiness to the orphans this season by purchasing from the Smiles For Orphans campaign which feature printed artwork drawn by the aspiring young artists from the Mother Teresa Anbu Illam Orphanage (a part of the...

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A Personal Story: How an outdoor education to our kids benefits our life.

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This post is contributed by Amanda Marie Clark. My husband and I met while working at an outdoor education center called Nature’s Classroom. This organization invites students and teachers to come live in a cabin in the woods for a week and learn about conservation, local wildlife, biology, and more. It is a tremendous organization that encourages our children to be environmentally aware as well as take a positive action for our future. Over the course of my four-year career at Nature’s Classroom, I estimate that I taught thousands of students; and eleven years later, this number is still mind-boggling....

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