How can we help support endangered Whales?

There are different foundations and organizations around the world that are making an effort in preventing the decrease in the population of whales. Non-profits organizations like Save The WhalesGreen PeaceWhale and Dolphin conversation, and WWF , that are taking action to protect the remaining Whales population. 

Besides large non-profits organizations, there are companies like 4ocean, Ocean Store, and Endanzoo, that support a good cause by Whales organization in saving endangered Whales. 

Moreover, there are existing and upcoming laws that are heavily implemented in order to stop the illegal hunting of these creatures.

While these solutions are already helping. Your individual effort is also important to gradually arise awareness in all the ends of the earth. From the protection of the sea to the rehabilitation of endangered whales, approaching both can help to bring the healthy population of whales back again.

We must make it a part of our lifestyle to limit our usage of plastics and become responsible for managing our waste. Never dump any form of harmful chemicals in near or into the waters. This is to avoid poisoning every living creature that is swimming under.

Additionally, learning about the places where different whale species migrate also helps to avoid imposing harm to them. Besides, boats and sturdy fishing nets can accidentally hurt these animals that might even lead to killing them.

Aside from humans, hungry killer whales also hunt these animals. However, these attacks are not that frequent which makes it exempted on the list of the factors why whale species are endangered today.

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