Our one-of-a-kind arts on baby & kids clothes are simple, unique, and meaningful. 


All our clothes are made ethically from premium quality organic cotton. 


10% of our NET profits are donated to good causes that help in saving Endangered Species.

latest customer reviews

These are our favourite sleepers ever! Easy to zip our squirmy little guy into quickly. They’re super soft, wash up beautifully and retain their shape. 

Julie M.

Very well made. The cotton is extremely soft to the touch, the edges and lines are exact, the color is nice.  It also has a good fit and given the cut, it is probably best for an average weight baby...

Smart Mommy Healthy Baby

I absolutely LOVE this brand. It’s super soft and great quality. They’ve thought about details such as adding a little extra material for the diaper. They fit so nicely and doesn’t cut the circulation of my daughters cute and chubby thighs like other brand do. 

Melanie D

The softest baby kimono ever

Sarah @islamakesthree

Wonderful soft organic cotton fabric, great!

Barbara K

Organic Baby & Kids Clothing Inspired By Harmony

“Harmony with endangered species” is the inspirational message behind the name Endanzoo which resulted from a visit to a zoo.

Endanzoo is a line of unique organic baby & kids clothing made with 100% GOTS certified super soft organic cotton. Designed and printed in Canada, the one-of-a-kind arts on our clothing inspire a connection between our children and the endangered animals.

10% of the net profits are donated to various organizations that support a good cause of saving the endangered species such as Black Rhino, African Elephant, Polar Bear, Blue Throated Macaw, and Blue Whale.


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