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Polar Bear

Polar Bears have been listed as a threatened species in the United States under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008 ( Climate change have been the main threats to Polar Bears. Arctic sea ice have been melting rapidly. As a result, Polar Bears habitats have been effected. Beside climate change, there are other main threats that endangered Polar Bears like industrial impacts, and hunting.

Current population: 22,000-31,000 (, August 2017) 


Meet Ben, The Polar Bear

Ben Polar Bear

Ben, the Polar Bear lives with his family in the Arctic. When not playing and hunting with his brothers on land, he loves to spend time swimming. His thick fur protects him from extreme cold. He always tries to smile like his daddy who has 42 teeth.

At Endanzoo, our cartoon artists keep coming up with the one-of-a-kind arts that would be simple, cute, and yet meaningful. Through these one-of-a-kind arts on the children’s organic clothing, we hope to convey an important message: SAVE SPECIES FROM EXTINCTION

Help save Polar Bears with every purchase!

Adopting Polar Bear through WWF Canada help us to support one of the Canada’s inspiring symbol. Polar bear population have been facing serious challenge due to global climate change. Endanzoo Family is committed to donating 10% of our net profits towards various projects that protect and save the endangered Polar Bears. For more information about our project, Click Here

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