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The largest animal on Earth, African Elephant have been listed as vulnerable on World Wildlife Website. Habitat loss and illegal Ivory trade have been the main cause of African elephant declining population. Since the early 90s, demand for ivory products have encourage illegal poaching which resulted in mass elephant dead.

Current population: Approximately 415,000 in the wilde (, October 2017)


Meet Emma, The African Elephant!

Elephant Emma

Emma, the African Elephant lives with her large family in the savannah of Africa. Weighing more than 200 pounds at birth, Emma is sure to grow up to be one of the biggest and heaviest land animals on this planet. With vegetables and plants in abundance, she spends most of her time eating and very less time sleeping. She likes to be pampered by her family who also taught her the survival instincts. Wrapping her trunk with others’ is her way of showing her love and affection.

At Endanzoo, our cartoon artists keep coming up with the one-of-a-kind arts that would be simple, cute, and yet meaningful. Through these one-of-a-kind arts on the children’s organic clothing, we hope to convey an important message: SAVE SPECIES FROM EXTINCTION

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Endanzoo Family is committed to donating 10% of our net profits towards various projects that protect and save the endangered Elephants. For more information about our project, Click Here

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