A Personal Story: How I Plan To Teach My Children Wildlife Conservation

Life Lesson wildlife wildlife conservation

This post is contributed by Amanda Marie Clark. When I was young, my parents took me hiking, told me to turn off the lights, encouraged outdoor education trips, and instilled in me a love for animals. They also taught me to stop and enjoy nature. My father loved the forest and my mother loved the sea. They brought me to wildlife preserves and always pointed out interesting species. They encouraged us to ask questions and learn. I didn’t know it at the time, but they were teaching me aspects of wildlife conservation, and it was not until I became an adult that...

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Top 10 Species That May Become Extinct Within A Decade

criticallyendangered endangered endangeredspecies extinction

With the extinction crisis at an all-time high, it is estimated that dozens of species disappear every day. That means by the time you finish reading this article two or maybe more species are no longer with us according to the Center for Biological Diversity.  Deforestation and habitat loss is still the most significant threat to our critically endangered friends followed closely by poachers supplying the illegal wildlife trade with furs and body parts for the black market being sold on for traditional medicines. Of all the critically endangered species, here are the top ten most likely to become extinct...

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It's time to ban critically endangered Rhino poaching seriously

Anti-poaching criticallyendangered endangered endangeredspecies rhino SaveTheRhino WorldRhinoDay

Dear Friends,  Endanzoo would like to take the World Rhino Day as an opportunity to spread the words about the serious threats of extinction that Rhinoceros and other species on this planet are facing. For millions of years, the ancestors of Rhinoceros have survived the ice ages and the predators. Yet today the Rhinos could not survive the humans, whom fed by their greed, hunted them for their highly demanded horns. The horns are sold illegally in the black markets in some parts of Asia and are used for making medicines that are not scientifically proven to cure diseases. The...

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Saving Black Rhinos through SAVE THE RHINO

Joining Save The Rhino organization have been one of the proudest moments for Endanzoo family. Through Save The Rhino organization, we hope to save critically endangered Black Rhinos from extinction.  Save The Rhino organization mission is to protect and increase Rhino population in Africa and Asia. The organization work hard to disrupt and reduce illegal trafficking of Rhino horn into consumer countries.     

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Welcome to Endanzoo official blog

We are proud to official launch Endanzoo, a clothing brand that supports endangered species. Through this brand, we hope to spread the message of harmony between human and animals. We will provide updates on our newest clothing designs, special events, and ongoing projects.  10% of Net Profits donated. 

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