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Plastic waste is killing Endangered Whales

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Whales don’t have natural predators. However, Whales population is on rapid decline. I know the majority of you are upset by this truth, even more, that we are the main reason why they are caught in such an unfortunate situation.   There are numerous factors why several species of whale are being endangered today. This includes pollution, commercial whaling, overfishing, construction of bridges and dam, among others. Analyzing these factors will make us realize that we, humans, are the main reason why the future of these creatures is slowly being gone.  Rise of Plastic threat to Whale's habitat From hunting them to ruining their...

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How Zoos And Conservation Organizations Around The World Help Save Species

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If it wasn’t for the tireless efforts of Zoos, Conservations Groups, Wildlife Sanctuaries and wealthy benefactors then the world's unique fauna would be in a worst place than it is today. These people with a passion for protection are helping save our planet's unique and diverse ecosystems and biological wonders. One of the most iconic campaigns of wildlife conservation is the Giant Panda which due to zoos conservation efforts can now be seen on nearly every continent on earth. Why is this important? Every living thing exists and compliments another in an ecosystem. When one is threatened or its numbers...

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A Personal Story: How I Plan To Teach My Children Wildlife Conservation

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This post is contributed by Amanda Marie Clark. When I was young, my parents took me hiking, told me to turn off the lights, encouraged outdoor education trips, and instilled in me a love for animals. They also taught me to stop and enjoy nature. My father loved the forest and my mother loved the sea. They brought me to wildlife preserves and always pointed out interesting species. They encouraged us to ask questions and learn. I didn’t know it at the time, but they were teaching me aspects of wildlife conservation, and it was not until I became an adult that...

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