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Animals are a very clever and divine creature. Their existence and importance in a child’s development are of inestimable value. Every animal has a unique life value it impacts kids and it is the duty of parents to highlight and impact these values into their kids. Studies have shown that animals exhibit a higher level of emotion compared to humans, this is why kids get to learn from them.

The following are a few animals and the attributes kids get to learn from their way of life.


Endanzoo Lion

Lion: The lion is an epitome of bravery. The lion is courageous, bold, strong and aggressive. This is a quality every child should possess. Children tend to let fear hinder them from doing some things but with learning from the lion, they become courageous. This is why lots of children stories revolve around the lion. It is to imbibe them with bravery.


Endanzoo Elephant

Elephant: The elephant is an animal that can be characterized as meek. They are subjected to poaching and the practice forgiveness. This attribute is one every kid should have. They should always endeavor to forgive that kid who stole their candy. Even when the other kid action is difficult to comprehend, they should be like the elephant who forgives under all circumstance. Another great value to learn from the elephants is respect. They respect hierarchy and this is a strong value every kid should have.

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Endanzoo Spider

Spider: The spider is very persistent in terms of building its web. The spider never often makes its web from one attempt. He keeps going until it’s done. If it gets destroyed, he gets to work again and starts to rebuild. Kids should learn from the spider determination. It’s key to success.

Living in the moment

Endanzoo Deer

Deer: The life of a deer is a very simple and peaceful one. They live their lives peacefully taking each moment at a time. They are a graceful creature that teaches kids to live every moment one at a time.

Team work

Endanzoo Ants

Ants: The ants are my most cherished animal in terms of what you can learn from their behavior. The ant is an epitome of a collaborative effort. They work together, never leave anyone behind and never let a workload tilt towards one side. A child can learn to value each other’s effort and work together rather than contending against one another.


Endanzoo Leopard

Leopard: The leopard stalks its prey with patience. He waits for as long as it takes to capture it. This is a value of great importance. The ability to be patient is not just about waiting, it’s about your attitude when you wait. Keeping your cool when you wait is patience with kids. This is a great value that can be learned from the life of the leopard.

Loyal and faithful

Endanzoo Dog

Dogs: A dog is a very loyal and faithful animal. A dog is a very supportive animal that doesn’t require any reason to stand by you. A child can learn to treat others with unconditional love and respect from how dogs treat human.

Follow your own path

Endanzoo Horse

Horse: The life of a horse is independent of its pack. Kids can learn to decide on their own path early in life rather than follow the multitude. The life of the horse will teach kids to take their own path and follow their heart early in life.

Eat more vegetables

Endanzoo Rhino

Rhinoceros: The second largest land mammal is an epitome of strength. Even with their strength, rhinos are herbivores that feed mostly on grass. This can be used to teach kids to eat more greens in order to be healthy and strong like a rhino.

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Learning through Imitation

Endanzoo Orangutan

Orangutans: Orangutans and other apes are among the most intelligent animals. Their imitation behavior is use for communication, showing affection and, above all, for learning new tricks. The apes know what to imitate and when to do it. When they see something new, their natural curiosity leads them to imitate and try new things.

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Travel and learn

Whales traveling

Whales loves to travel in packs or ‘pods’ and discover new places. They normally travel large distances during summer time. Kids can learn a lot during travel especially to new places. Traveling improves the level of creativity and help them with more positive thoughts.

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If you have experience or knowledge about the animal life that children can learn from, please Feel free to share with us and everyone on the comment.

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Values are to be learnt from animals.

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The information is very useful.


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