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The Sumatran Orangutan have been listed as critically endangered on World Wildlife Website. Forest wildfire and human activities have destroyed Orangutans' habitat on the high-quality forest. Illegal trafficking have cause serious threats to Orangutan declining population. 

Current population: 14,613 (, August 2017)

Meet Ola, the Sumatran Orangutan 

Ray the Orangutan

Ola, the Sumatran Orangutan lives in the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Ola spend most of her time on the trees eating mainly ripe fruits and young leaves and will grow up to be one of the largest tree-dwelling animals on Earth. When not eating or playing, she can sit for hours gazing. She is very attached to her family and will live alongside her mom until around 8 years old.

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Help save Orangutans with every purchase!

A portion of the fund will be donated annually to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP). The fund will support endangered Orangutan around the world. Due to the fast disappearing of their forest habitat, and illegal pet trade, Orangutan's population is on a decline. For more information about our project, Click Here

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