Collection: The Original Art

The Original Art Banner

Featuring minimalist arts

The Original Art collection features minimalist arts in one color on the baby and kids clothing. There is beauty in simplicity just like how the newborns are fascinated by the simple shapes and colors. Our cartoon artists hope the message is clear even in minimalism where “Less is more”.

Creating a sketch

After spending a lot of time on observation and imagination, a carton artist then starts off with a sketch.


Polar Bear Sketch

An Important Message Through Arts

Our cartoon artists hope to keep coming up with the arts that would be simple, cute, and yet meaningful. Baby Jen and all the animal characters from Endanzoo are drawn based on real life characters. Through these one-of-a-kind arts on the children’s clothing, we hope to inspire the future generations to connect to endangered species and convey an important message: SAVE SPECIES FROM EXTINCTION.